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A large hotel can employ hundreds of staff, all with a specific responsibility, function, and purpose. Each employee has a specific role to play in meeting the needs of the guests. The specific functions of particular employees are usually described under job descriptions or duties.

Although the role of most hotel staff may be obvious, there may be times when a guest may ask about an employees job or his duties. Certainly these kinds of questions may be asked on job interviews. Look at the example below. What do you do? What do you do for a living? Once a person knows what your job title is, they may want to know a little bit about your specific job duties.

Sometimes it is hard to tell exactly what a person does just from the job title. Look at the expressions below that can be used to inquire about job duties. What are your job duties? What exactly do you do? What does your job entail? Guest: What do you do? Guest: What exactly does an events coordinator do?

We try to ensure that every thing runs smoothly and efficiently during the event. Staff: It has its moments. Guest: Are you a head chef? Guest: Sounds sweet. Where do you work? Guest: What do you do for a living? Staff: Yes that, but I also arrange things like taxis for guests. Guest: Just out of curiosity- do guests tip well?

Put the following jobs an the board and then read the job descriptions. The students listen to the descriptions and determine the job being described. The first person to know the job should race to the board and circle the job and put their initials in the circle. The student with the most initials win. Bell man This person takes guest bags to their room. Cook This person prepares food in a restaurant. Pastry chef This person makes bread, cakes, and cookies.

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Hostess This person greets guests and takes them to their table in a restaurant.Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? All Categories. Grade Level. Resource Type. Log In Join Us. View Wish List View Cart. Results for cactus hotel Sort by: Relevance. You Selected: Keyword cactus hotel.

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Grades PreK. Other Not Grade Specific. Higher Education. Adult Education. Digital Resources for Students Google Apps. Internet Activities. English Language Arts. Foreign Language.

Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. Cactus Hotel. Teach your students about science through literature! Answer the questions: 1, How big can a saguaro cactus get? Which animals live in a saguaro cactus?

Hotel Transylvania Writing Prompt

Where do desert animals live? Unit Plans. Add to cart. Wish List. Common Core Activities. A wonderful collection of activities that correlate with the story, "Cactus Hotel.

Log Hotel Lesson Plans with Sensory Experience & Activities

ReadingGrammarWriting. WorksheetsActivitiesGraphic Organizers. Welcome to the desert! These animal diet activities are based on "Cactus Hotel" by Brenda Z.

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This is one of my favorite books. This beautiful book shows the life cycle of a saguaro cactus.Page after page, children will get a look at an otherwise secret world in this beautiful non-fiction book by author Anne Schreiber.

It can be incorporated into many classroom or homeschooling lessons, or you can use it as a tool in your home just to connect to the text with your child on a deeper level. Book, Log Hotel by Anne Shreiber. Plastic bugs and critters. You will use all of the above items with the lessons below, so keep them all gathered in one place for easy access.

You can space these lessons out over several days or weeks, or you can do them all in one day if you have time!

Log Hotel Lesson Plans with Sensory Experience & Activities

Do what best fits your needs. Directions: Begin the lessons by reading the text out loud. They can then write these words down on a piece of paper. Some of the words that they may write down will possibly be the vocabulary words: tunnels, mushrooms, ferns, woodpecker, salamander, decay and fungi. Then, as a group discuss the words and their meanings.

Have they heard these words before? Ask each child to chose one of the words and draw a simple illustration for it. Objectives: Students will be able to understand and recognize sequential order in a text.

The sequence of events is intentional, and vital to the story. When have they heard this word? Write the word down so children can see what it looks like. To do this, create a single line on your poster board. Six or seven is plenty. You can do this one of two ways. Display the timeline for future reference and reflection. Allow them to get as creative as possible. Directions: For this activity, you want to create your own diorama of a log hotel! You will then place a log or thick branch into the bin.

You will now start to see your diorama resemble a real log hotel!

At a Hotel - Learn English in Hamza's Classroom

Log Hotel paperback. Log Hotel Cassette. Insects Toob. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This post may contain affiliate links, view my disclosure policy. Take a look below at some lesson plans perfect for use with Log Hotel! Log Hotel Lesson Plans: For ages PreK-3 Supplies Needed: Book, Log Hotel by Anne Shreiber Construction paper Poster board Markers Sand or dirt Small tub Wood log or thick branches Plastic bugs and critters Fresh leaves, sticks, rocks, pinecones, and other backyard findings You will use all of the above items with the lessons below, so keep them all gathered in one place for easy access.Most hotels offer their guests many facilities and amenities for their use and enjoyment.

The facilities may include pools, sauna and steam room, a number of restaurants, a health center, tennis courts, putting greens, programs for children, a business center, etc. Throughout the course of the day a guest may ask a hotel employee about any one of them. Guests may also ask about facilities or places outside the hotel.

Such places may be a diving school, an historical site to visit, a hot night club, or a panoramic vista.

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The list could be endless. The more knowledgeable hotel staff are about the local facilities and points of interest, the better service they will be able to give to the guests.

Below are lists of various hotel facilities or activities that guest may inquire about. Staff: What kind of food are you interested in? Guest: Since we are in Thailand, we want to try Thai food. Staff: The Thai Thai Restaurant is always a good choice.

hotel lesson plan

Guest: Thank you very much. Guest: Could you recommend a place to take our kids? Guest: Well maybe. Is there anything else more exciting? Staff: Lots of kids seem to have a great time at the Go-Cart track. Guest: No way. Staff: Have they ever ridden an elephant? Guest: No, but is it safe? Staff: Oh, absolutely. The elephants are well trained and the trainer leads the elephant along the path.

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Riders are strapped into the seats with safety belts, just like in a car. Guest: That sounds OK. Guest: I need to check my e-mail. Staff: Certainly, sir. The Business Center at the hotel has Internet access. Guest: Can I also surf the Internet there?

hotel lesson plan

I need to find some information for a meeting. Staff: Absolutely sir.The purpose of this lesson is to give false beginners the skills to enter a hotel and book a room. This lesson follows a simple format of an introductory activity and discussion, followed by a role-play activity. The class should take about an hour to finish.

Pass out the mixed-up conversation and have the students work in pairs or groups. After they have finished, go over the conversation as a class. Now look at the conversation as a class and discuss a few of the patterns.

hotel lesson plan

I try to highlight the difference between asking for something politely and just simply grunting out needs. Have a few students try to book a room from you. Compare what they say with the original conversation.

hotel lesson plan

Now, comes the real focus of the class: a role-play activity to practice booking a room in a hotel. Divide the class into two groups: hotel front desk clerks and hotel guests. The front desk clerks get hotel information cards and a front desk activity sheet, which they have to fill out.

The guests get their role-play prompts and their activity sheets, which they have to fill out. The guests will go from hotel to hotel and book a room in each hotel. As the guests are going around, both guests and front desk clerks are recording information. Front Desk: Welcome to the Wyatt Hotel. How may I help you? Traveler: I'd like a room please? Front Desk: Would you like a single or a double?

Traveler: I'd like a double, please? Front Desk: May I have your name, please?The popular Hotel Transylvania is out just in time to add some laughs to the Halloween season. Some of your students may have seen the film, while others may not have. Using the trailer, you can get your students excited about Halloween and writing down their thoughts about classic monsters and villains. Use this video writing prompt to encourage your students to get creative and think outside the traditional Halloween box.

For older students, question their beliefs on keeping secrets. In Hotel Transylvania, we get to see the monsters in a relaxing hotel just for monsters.

Draw a picture of your favorite monster or bad guy, and showing how they can make you laugh, instead of scaring you.

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Which one of the famous characters would make for the scariest Halloween costume? Describe what you would wear in your costume. What is your favorite spooky story? Can you imagine the main scary character at the Hotel Transylvania?

How would they relax? What would they do if they saw a human? Humans are not supposed to be able to visit Hotel Transylvania. If you could visit Hotel Transylvania, would you keep the secrets of the monsters living there? Why or why not?

Travel English Lesson - Hotel Reservation and Checking in

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Older polls. Free Lesson Plans Grade K-2 Math: Distance Equations.Type of English. Lesson time. I speak. I want to learn. Level: Intermediate B1-B2. Type of English: General English. Students learn how to book a room, check in and check out of a hotel, as well as useful hotel-related vocabulary. The worksheet focuses on listening comprehension, vocabulary development and role play.

Rate No rating yet. Average Interesting 3. Average Good 3. Wonderful lesson plan which I'm going to use with my student this morning. Thank you!! I really like the format used, the vocabulary, and the variety. Thanks so much. Good morning. I am happy to find you. Your webpage and resources are really very dynamic. It will help me a lot. Thank you so much.